Maximum Indians are Modi’s fan. What he says goes straight to their heart. Somewhat similar happened in Agra, where three friends took PM Modi’s suggestion too deeply, they decided to abide by it and now these pals are doing great. Let us jump directly into their story.

Friends from Agra opened a Pakora shop after taking inspiration from Modi’s public speeches. They have named the shop-Modi Pakora. Moong daal pakora with stuffed potato, chilies, spinach is drawing the attention of the crowd.

This shop is located at Noori Darwaza location which also has a bygone significance as they have opened at the same building which once was used to make bombs by Martyr Bhagat Singh and other people. Other Independence memories are attached to this place.

It is important to know here that last year PM Modi suggested that even selling pakoras can make you earn good money. After hearing this Shree Gopal and Rajkumar decided to do the same for the sake of earning their bread and butter. He along with friends opened a shop here. According to the entrepreneurs, they do not feel ashamed of selling pakoras despite having a good education.