One of the essential celebrations of Agra is the marriage of Lord Rama. Celebrated on the ocassion of dussehra every year in order to provide the message and meaning of Diwali to the young guns so that they witnessed everything the same way it happened. It Begins with the wedding parade of Lord Ram and Sita around the city draws special attention here. With this “Ram Barat” begins the Ramleela festivities around the town.

Each year a place is selected for creating a Sita’s palace called Janak Mahal and is decorated lavishly. Preparations begins here to welcome the groom for the wedding. An experienced artist plays the role of Lord Ram and people dive in the sea of spirituality. Sagar Chaturvedi played Shree Ram. Agra residents witness this lavish and deep-rooted festival every year and according to them, this Ram Barat is imperative for the town and its people, as they literally believe in touching the feet and receiving blessings from Lord Rama-who so ever plays the role. Big thing isn’t it!

This parade comes in the form of Jhanki. The celebration of Janakpuri and Ram Barat happened on Wednesday- 25th of September. Characters playing Ram, his brother were seated on a 25-feet high chariot fondly walked through the Barat. Lovely arrangements by the organizer and administrative facilities for the three-day long festival were awe-inspiring. The whole episode happened peacefully.

This year Janakpuri was created in Nirbhaya Nagar was witnessed by around 3 lakh people. Police, PAC personnel, Rapid action force, civil defence personnel and number of volunteers guaranteed the celebration.

The route for the Barat was divided into 8 ways by the administration. The diversion was implemented successfully. Every movement was observed by the CCTV cameras.

The Barat started on Wednesday from the old and very famous Mankameshwar Temple and covered localities including Kacheri Ghat, Pathwari, City Station road, and various places to Janakpuri morning on Thursday.