Deviram is one of the most irresistible places in Agra. The best thing about the place is in the way that the delicious food is prepared. The cooks are passionate about serving the best and go out of your way to ensure that your experience will be memorable. Foods like aloo subzi and bedai are prepared magnificently.

Bedai (puffy bread) is especially delicious because of the way that is cooked. The combination of wheat flour and processed flour brings together the perfect mixture. For you to thoroughly enjoy bedai, ensure that it is served hot with greens, potatoes or spicy lentils.

After a full course meal here, ensure that you complete things with a taste of Jalebi, one of the sweetest desserts in Deviram. This dessert is so sweet because it is soaked in sugary syrup and deep-fried in flour.

It does not matter whether you are looking to eat a full-fledged breakfast or are just looking to appease your sweet tooth, either way, you will find something for you at Deviram.

Remember to start your morning early because these jalebis will not wait for your arrival. It is sold on a first come, first serve basis. Usually, they are sold out by mid-afternoon.

Have a power morning with some good, old bedai. If you think that your stomach can hold an aloo-sabzi too, then do not leave it behind. Wash everything down with a sweet Jalebi treat that you will never forget. This is how to do it in Agra!