There has been a great demand for a good education in Agra. There is a need for success not only in business but also in the students who are thriving from studying in the best schools in the city. GD Goenka is one of such schools. The kind of education that is offered here is absolutely phenomenal. With a proactive approach to education, this school is now embracing a more unique approach to education.

G.D Goenka has a direct focus on shaping the future by providing a good education. The teachers do not only focus on book knowledge but they also pay special attention to the students and their various personality trait. They find ways to help them become better individuals. The school goes beyond classroom teaching and book teaching. Instead, it curves knowledge in a new way.

Here are some of the facilities that set G.D. Goenka apart:


The school strives to meet international standards in regards to classroom construction. The classrooms are really huge and have good air conditioning. As such, students can be able to learn in a good environment without being squeezed together. The airiness of the classroom is also welcoming. To ensure that the students learn well, there are only a few of them in a single classroom. This also makes it easy for the teacher to know the students well. The colour schemes in the classrooms are amazing.

Computer lab

Children from nursery to class XII all enjoy computer lessons. In today’s technology ridden world, it is important for students to be familiar with computers and how they work. G.D Goenka makes it possible for its students to understand this so that they can keep up with the fast-paced world.


The library is one of the most important parts of the school. This is because students spend a huge chunk of their time in the library. There are well over 20,000 books on a variety of subjects.


A good school is never complete without a great visual auditorium room and facilities. The auditorium in G.D. Goenka can perfectly hold over 1000 people. It is well-built and everything about it is state of the art.

Playing Fields

The school encourages its students to indulge in any sport they like. There is a variety of playing fields for games such as cricket, soccer, hockey, tennis, and basketball. Students are also allowed to play squash and badminton. Those who do not want to get sweaty can cool off in the swimming and gymnastics area. Apart from this, those who want to get a little rough will enjoy boxing. To avoid confusion, every class has an allotted period where they can enjoy various sports as well as the swimming pool. Swimming lessons are offered in the school.


It goes without saying that G.D. Goenka wants all of its students to remain healthy. The school does not just come up with a general menu, instead, students participate in choosing what they would love to eat on a daily basis. When food suggestions are made, the school nutritionists’ work together to ensure that the food on the menu provides health benefits for the students. The food that the students eat is different from what the teachers and visitors in the school eat. G.D. Goenka is all about promoting unison. Everything about the cafeteria is judiciously agreed upon by the teachers, the management as well as the students.

Medical Facilities

The school is equipped with an incredible medical staff that sees to it that everyone is healthy. The doctor and nurse are also responsive in emergencies.


The security in G.D. Goenka is never questionable. This is because CCTV cameras have been equipped everywhere in the school. There are also alarm and fire detection systems that make it easy to tell when there is an emergency.