The Agra lifestyle is mainly defined by food. There are common delicacies that all of the people enjoy and the city is also known for.  The fact that food is right at the epicentre of this growing city has made things rather interesting for the people of Agra. Ever since the city was first established, there has been an abundance of food joints and doting snack shops in the city. Food businesses have been in existence since the establishment of the city.

Also referred to as Mama Chicken, Mama Franky is one of the most popular hangouts in Agra. Known as a family business, the place is defined by a welcoming atmosphere that immediately tells you that you are ‘home’. As soon as you walk into the door, you will enjoy pulsating music that will make you want to dance along to the beats. Apart from music, there is incredible food here. You simply have to make your selection because you will be spoilt for choice. Kebabs and roomali rotis are a fan favourite here.

Needless to say, the kebabs are a work of art, the cook on them is textbook and they keep coming. The kebabs are made from either chicken or mutton. They certainly will melt effortlessly in your mouth. Their flavour is distinct and unforgettable. They will have you asking for more.

All meat lovers will get a kick out of Mama Franky. Apart from the kebabs, other the most famous foods in their menu include chicken curry, chicken rolls, and steamed momos. It is safe to say that you can eat practically anything that you want. This place is quite the experience for both locals and tourists. It is the most amazing spot for an afternoon or evening meal.

The menu is huge and will cater to all of your food cravings. There are plenty of North Indian specials to choose from. Mama Franky is the real definition of flavourful food. There are plenty of Indian sauces and spices that will give the food the oomph that it needs.