Agra is not all about leather goods and textiles; it is much more than this. Needless to say, the city is as diversified as they come.

To enjoy the best of smartphones. This is an ideal place for tech lovers as they can enjoy an abundance of smartphones. Shah Market is known as the best Smartphone wholesale and retail sellers.

There are many wholesalers and retailers who are selling the best smartphones in the game. It does not matter the kind of smartphones that you want because all of them are here.  There are equally many brands, styles, and sizes. Also, all of them come with different specifications.

Therefore, be prepared for window shopping in its best. You will have to conduct good research so that you can buy the best phone you can possibly get. There are also numerous repair shops for those who are looking to make phone repairs. If your phone has a cracked screen then Shah Market is the best place to repair or service it.

The market is usually open from 11 am to 11 pm. Even if you have a problem with your phone late in the night, do not panic, the repair shops here are always ready to assist.

This market is all about the best branded mobile phones that you will ever find. Even the second-hand mobile phones that you will find here are in perfect shape.