Jodha Bai who is also known as Mariam-uz-Zamani was called by the name Heer Kunwari before marriage. Heer Kunwari was born on October 1, 1542 and was the daughter of Raja Bharmel and Rani Padmavati of Amer, Jaipur.  She was a Hindu Princess married to Akbar who was a Muslim Emperor. This marriage was the biggest political Alliance between Jodha’s father and Akbar but turned out to be a beautiful love story and is remembered since ages.
Their marriage was counted as a religious wonder as both of them belonged from two entirely different religion.

Jodha-Akbar are named together. The beauty of this relationship is eternal. Jodha was known to be the first and last love of Akbar. Let us know more about the two legends.

Jodha-Akbar…the story goes

Since birth Jodha was named as Heer Kunwari and people also called her as Harka Bai. When married to Mughal Emperor, she was titled as Mallika-E-Hindustan. After giving birth to Jahangir, her husband gave her this title of Mariam-uz-Zamani, which means “Mary of the Age”
Her marriage with Akbar happened on 6th February, 1562 when she was 20. After the marriage she didn’t changed her religion and neither Akbar forced. Infact he allowed Jodha Bai to perform her Hindu customs and traditions in the temple of Royal Palace and he himself used to take part in few Pujas and traditions.

After marrying Akbar, Jodha soon became chief and the favourite wife of Akbar. She was the only Hindu Mughal Empress who served for the tenure of 43 years, which is the longest. Her various titles includes- Mallika-e-Muezzama, Mallika-E-Hindustan, Wali Nimat Begam, which means God’s Gift. When she used to issue official document, she used to use Wali Nimat Mariam-uz-Zamani Begum as her title. Apart from being the wife of Akbar and the Queen of Hindustan, Jodha Bai was a successful business womam as well. She actively ran trade internationally in silk and spices.
She took her last breath in the year 1623 and burried near her husband’s grave, as it was her last wish.