Taj Nagri Agra is a beautiful place. It is perfect in terms of tourist places, food, people, and education. Must say Agra is ideal for anyone who wants to develop intellectually.

A literary place here is John’s Public Library. They say information is power. Your knowledge decides how far will you go and will determine how you live now as well as in your future.

Standing in the southern corner of Paliwal Park, this library is a stand-alone. In other words, not affiliated with any school. The library was established so that all and sundry can discover education and fall in love with everything that it has to offer. Slowly but surely, education started taking centre-stage.

Anthony John who was a very successful businessman at that time and believed that education was highly important and everybody should get it at a reasonable cost. That is why he established John’s Library. His motto was, to make sure everyone receives an education without limitation.

The library was well-constructed with wooden material to ensure that the noise was kept at bay while people were studying. It boasts over 40,000 books.

He also ensured that all literary works were protected. These books have been used for a long time and are still in use today.

Some of the books represent the rarest form of literature such as the map of freedom that showcases exactly how Agra was in those days. There are many libraries in the city but the loyal readership to John’s Library is really out of this world.

Many people believe that the reading material here is legitimate (which it is) and cannot be found in any other library. As the years have gone by, the collection of books and reading materials here have grown tremendously. Some of the common materials include manuscripts, religious books, the Bhagavad Gita and more.

Amazing Collection

New and old literature alike is added to the shelves in languages Urdu, Persian and Sanskrit. There are also images of Agra as a city and those that also show its development through the years. With a university near Johns Library, a readership culture in this library has been established. Despite the changes that technology brings, ancient literature is still enjoyed in the university. There is no specific time to enter the library because it is opened at all times.

The library has been able to acquire a total of four thousand members. The majority of readers are older and only a few of them fall in the younger age group. As a first time subscriber, you will be required to pay a membership fee of Rs. 245. To break it down, your admission fee is RS. 25 while you will also have to pay a security fee of Rs. 200. This ensures that the books are protected at all times. If they get lost then they can be replaced.

The kind of material that you will be enjoying in the library includes journals, newspapers, child literature and books for general audiences. If the information material is damaged then you as a user will have to replace it. Old books that are no longer in use or are outdated are archived by the library to make room for new ones.