Apart from architectural glory, the beauty of Agra Fort also lies in its Sheesh Mahal. After too many efforts and endeavours replica of Sheesh Mahal was created in the year 1960. It was when director K Asif planned to film the most remarkable song -Jab Pyar Kia to Darna Kya.
Originally the Sheesh Mahal of the Agra Fort was built in 1631.

Asif studied a lot about Sheesh Mahal and then appointed Agha Shirazi who was a mirror expert to design this outstanding monument. The replica made is visible to all but unfortunately the original Sheesh Mahalis closed since 2003. This happened when the Archaeological survey of India -ASI restrained the monument for revival. Now it is only open for VVIPs and common people can get a glimpse of it by peeping through a window that is broken, this window is at thefront door.

Prahlad Agarwal is the President of Agra Tourist Welfare Chamber. He says that we have been repeatedly questionning ASI that why it has been kept closed for so long.  Instead of closing it, ASI can choose an option of charging extra on the tickets and let it open for those who can pay bit heavy to see the Sheesh Mahal. This way revenue can be generated alongwith the increased number of tourist which is anyway a good solution, Prahlad added. He said that tourists are restricted to see major parts of the fort. It should be opened on a costlier ticket.

You would be thrilled to know that the original sheesh mahal’s glass was brought from Syria, whereas for the film Mughal-E-Azam the glass was sourced from Belgium. However there is no idea that from where the glass for the restored Sheesh Mahal was purchased.

Sheesh Mahal which was made in 1631-1640 was made with an idea to create a place for pleasures. Fountains, etc was beautifully decorated.
Locals of Agra believe that youngsters should know the history and beauty of Sheesh Mahal. If ASI is worried of its maintainance, then appropriate measures should be taken. Guards should be appointed for the safety and work experts advice should be taken on other solutions. Its an irony that most of the young generation doesnt even know that there is a a Sheesh Mahal that exists in Agra.

This is to let you know that 75 percent of the Agra Fort is in the possession of the Indian Army which is closed for the tourists. Remaining 25 percent is open and in that 25% also various major parts of the Fort is restricted by the ASI for the tourists. Exoerts say that over 19 crore INR is earned b the ASI from the Agra Fort and if the fort is opened fully for the tourist the revenue will rise in a very surprising way.